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Also go to our other websites Rubber-Separator-Films.com and DAVDARENT.COM and check out our other products that we offer the rubber manufacturing industry.  We stock a lot of rubber raw materials.                                                                                                                                                 

We are in the business of providing products and various services to the Plastic and Rubber Industry. We are always on the look out for new and better products for our customers. We are also on the look out for new suppliers and products that can benefit our customers.

Although our company is primarily associated with the Plastic and rubber industries, we have had extensive experience in the adhesive film, automotive, medical industries, and consumer products as well.

With all of the talk about going green and reducing waste going in the land fills, ask us about our bio degradable additives that is friendly to the environment, the additive we use in films
carries a guarantee that the film product will be gone by the additive supplier. If you are looking to make your product more green call us for a quote on the additive.


Mission Statement


Davdar Holding Co. is dedicated being a valued and cost competitive supplier with a commitment to excellence to our customers. Our commitment to continually improving every aspect of our service: openly communicating in our dealing with Customers, Vendors and Employee's; seeking to form partnerships with Customers, Vendors and Employee's. Meeting our mission statement has created an commitment of supplying a quality product to our customers that is competitive. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

Our Rubber separator film is used to release from all kinds of rubber including:

            • Natural rubber
            • EPDM, EPT, EPR
            • SBR
            • Neoprene
            • Butyl Rubber
            • Cushion gum
            • Epichlorohydrin
            • Silicone
            • Polyacrylate
            • Nitrile

We service the rubber industry including the following products, among other products.


Whatever you may need related to rubber products we probably have it in stock.

Some applications for Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE are:

Suitable for U-PVC profiles for door and window frames, water rain pipes, cold blended pipes, PVC formed sheets, PVC extruded sheets, PVC laminated sheets, shutter curtains, plastic plate materials, PVC electrical wire, PVC cable sheaths, electric fittings, housings and chair rails. 

Can be used by itself as special synthetic rubber, as well as a modifier or compatilizer for general purpose synthetic rubber. It can be blended with CR, CSM, NBR,EPDM, SBR and NR in any ratio. It is widely used in flame– retardant cable and wire sheaths, seals, conveyer belts, hoses, V-belts, acid-
and oil-resistant rubber tubes, waterproof sheeting and automobile weather strips.

 This product is a type of thermoplastic elastomer, and is used in such magnetic rubber products as magnetic stripes for refrigerators, magnetized veneer, modifier or compatilizer for non-polar rubber, etc. It is can also be used in all types of flexible goods and leather goods, as well as in electrical cable jackets.

This is some of the end uses and applications for CPE but there are others as well, CPE is a very versatile product that can be compounded with other materials to achieve  many different properties and products.

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